Dr. Kivisto offers a variety of forensic, consultative, assessment, and therapeutic services for adults and adolescents. In addition to the services listed below, he may be able to provide services uniquely tailored to meet your needs. Please contact Dr. Kivisto for a brief, complimentary consultation to determine if he can be of service. 

Forensic Psychological Evaluation

Forensic Psychological Evaluation

Forensic mental health evaluations provide the Court with useful information from a neutral expert to assist in making a determination regarding a fact in dispute. Dr. Kivisto provides comprehensive, objective, and scientifically-based forensic psychological evaluations for a range of issues, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Competence to stand trial - (Ind Code 35-36-3)

  • Criminal responsibility / insanity defense - (Ind Code 35-36-2)

  • Diminished capacity

  • Violence risk assessment

  • Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) proceedings - (Ind Code 35-38-1-7.5(a))

  • Pre-sentencing evaluation

  • Capital mitigation - (Ind Code 35-50-2-9)

  • Parental capacity / Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) - (Ind Code 31-35-2)

  • Domestic violence

  • Personal injury / emotional damages

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Other competencies: (Juvenile Miranda waiver - (Ind Code 31-32-5-4); Proceed pro se / to represent oneself - (Indiana v Edwards, 128 S. Ct. 2379 (2008)); to be executed - (Panetti v Quarterman, 551 S. Ct. 930 (2007))

Litigation Consultation

Forensic mental health litigation consultation

The forensic mental health consultant's communications with the retaining attorney are generally protected from discovery and admission into evidence at trial by the attorney work product doctrine unless the consultant is designated as a witness at trial. A mental health consultant can support the lawyer in case analysis and evaluation through:

  • Review of forensic evaluation reports prepared by other evaluators regarding evaluation methodology, adherence to generally accepted guidelines, practice parameters, and standards regarding forensic assessment (click here for standards and guidelines relevant for forensic evaluators), selection of assessment instruments, interpretive accuracy of psychological test data, and the degree to which offered opinions are or are not supported by relevant research and the data gathered in the forensic evaluation.

  • Critical review of the CVs, work product, and expert opinions offered by other mental health professionals

  • Assist with the development of direct and cross-examination questions and strategy for favorable and opposing mental health experts

  • Assist with trial strategy regarding psychological elements

  • Review scientific research related to case-specific elements requiring specialized knowledge

Clinical Psychological Assessment

Clinical psychological assessment

Psychological assessment synthesizes data from in-depth clinical interviews, standardized psychological tests, and collateral information to help individuals better understand themselves, the nature of their persistent problems, and can provide a road map for helping individuals move beyond these barriers.

  • Assist with diagnostic clarification, using objective psychological tests as needed

  • Assist with treatment planning and clarifying reasons for therapeutic impasses

  • Evaluate personality characteristics impacting performance

  • Evaluate the extent and potential etiology of affect dysregulation

  • Pre-surgical evaluation

  • Pre-adoption evaluation

  • Pre-employment evaluation


Psychotherapy / counseling
  • Individual psychotherapy services to address a range of presenting difficulties, including depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, relationship issues, life transitions, and job stress, among others.

**Fees available upon request.